Richard and God talk about love…..

“God? God! God, where are you?” said Richard, feelings of desperation almost clogging his throat.

“Here I am,” God chuckled.

“Why the chuckle? What’s funny this time? You’re always happy. Don’t you have an awful lot on your mind? Wars? Famines? Mel Gibson?”

“Here. I am here Richard. Right here. I’ve not moved in ages – well, not moved in the sense of being away from you or from the masses that preceded you. Or, in fact, from those who will come, so-called, after you. I was just, I was just waiting a little… , you know, checking on how you are doing with your abandonment err, issues!”

“That’s unkind, you being all quiet when you know I …. It is so unlike you to be unkind. You know I don’t like the ‘silent treatment’ not from you or anyone.”

“Lighten up, Richard. I am only, what do you say in that part of the world, ‘kidding’ you. You do know that when you are stressed you have absolutely no sense of humor. So reactive, Richard. I hope you are aware of that. Now what is it you want to talk about today? What do you think is on your mind? Or, perhaps you’d like me to tell you what’s on your mind?”

“Love. I want to talk about love. I want to talk about ‘God Loves You’.”

“I know something about love. Go ahead Richard. What is it you would like to talk about? You want the five or six Greek words, the story of the evangelist and the prostitute who had no birthday cake, or do you want to talk about how love and boundaries al la Cloud and Townsend, or is it the ‘horse and carriage’ stuff you’d like to get into today? Or of course, we could, although it is a little dated, do the Dobson ‘Tough Love’ approach or whip back to the sixties, the 1960s that is, and revisit what went right and what went wrong at Woodstock….”

“God. Please. Stop. I’ve been saying ‘God is Love’ and I am not really sure what it means. I have been saying ‘God loves you’ to strangers and friends and to crowds in shopping malls, I have mimed it on outreaches in foreign countries, danced it in airports, dressed as a clown at two Olympics, and I am still not sure I really believe it. I mean, here’s the bottom line…. do you really love and know everyone on the planet?”

“Gravity, Richard. Think gravity. And, by the way, could you avoid the clichés? Even I get tired of hearing ‘the bottom line’ and ‘there is no there there’ and ‘it is what it is’ and I could go on…”

“Gravity. What do you mean?”

“Is there any human who can escape the power and the influence of gravity? Do you have to do anything to earn it? Do you have to be special? Do you have to know the Bible to be subject to the rules of gravity? Does age matter? Color? Err, Creed? Is it only for Baptists? Americans? Straight? Gay? – oh how I love the way you guys have to name everything! No. You simply have to BE, and gravity is yours. Think of my love like this Richard. It reaches all humans, no matter who they are or where they are. No one is too poor to receive it or too rich or famous to be influenced by it.”


“There you go again, Richard. You want to talk about love and I am trying to tell you about my love in a way you can get your ‘head around.’ Think of my love as a Gravitational Presence. There, go ahead, preach that. YouTube it if you want. I am here. I do love all people.”

“But, Lord. That is so simple. So un-intellectual. So…. Childlike, even impersonal.”

“Impersonal? Really? Think about it, Richard. It is very personal. Try escaping it. Then you’ll see how personal it is.”

“But God…. Do you really know me? Gravity doesn’t know me. It just is.”

“Metaphor, Richard. Picture. Comparison. Simile. M-E-T-A-P-H-O-R. It’s not perfect Richard, no metaphor is. But you asked me to talk about love and if I love all people. Yes. I do. And my love reaches all people even if they don’t know it. If I removed it (which, is, by the way, impossible even for me) – well, what would happen if gravity was suspended for a day or two, Richard? Excuse the cliché Richard but it ‘boggles your mind’ doesn’t it? I like saying that. “Boggles, boggles, boggles.”

“Stop. Please. Let’s get serious,” said Richard. “What are you doing?”

“Singing. By the way, have you noticed that whenever you are stressed you want to be serious? You really believe in ‘serious’ don’t you?”

“Singing?” asks Richard, ignoring something they’ve previously discussed.

“Yes. Singing. I am singing.”

“What does God sing? Methodist Hymns? The Hallelujah chorus? The Gaithers?”

“Lots of things. Graham Kendrick – I must say I do get a little embarrassed with ‘Shine Jesus Shine’, Brahms. Dave Matthews. Bananas in Pajamas, Sandi Patti. Raffi. I’ve got ‘United Breaks Guitars’ on my mind since I saw it on YouTube. But today, in fact all day, I am singing…. National Anthems.”


“I like them.”

“Which is your favorite?”

“Unfair question. Ding dong – triangle!!! Pssssssst. You are out! Ever heard of a triangle? Ok, I will tell you. As long as you keep it to yourself. My favorite National Anthem is …….. Australia’s. Don’t you just love the rugby when they beat the Southhhh….?”

“Secular nation! Your favorite national anthem is from a ‘secular nation’? Don’t you know Americans give the highest percentage of their incomes to missions in the whole world? Don’t you think you ought to….?”


“Yes, Lord.”

“I can sing whatever I want. I can laugh whenever I want. Move whomever I want, but my love is for all people. Everywhere. All the time. Don’t you get it, Richard. I am God. I do all this, and, believe it or not…. I even watch cricket!”

“God? Do you ever sing ‘Because He lives, I can face tommooor……’?”


“Yes, Lord.”

“Go do something worthwhile.”

One Response to Richard and God talk about love…..

  1. soulfeet says:


    This is great! I love it! *snort* and *giggle*

    “…the Jacksons…” “…Raffi…” etc. (another ‘cliche” *wink*)

    Boggles, boggles, boggles… 😀

    btw: A wonderful metaphor God! Thanks for sharing the conversation Richard. 😉

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